Climate and Biodiversity

Encouraging biodiversity at our Plantations

On the 17th May 2023, work began to clear the overgrowth of cow parsley at the Stile Plantation. We are very grateful to the team of volunteers from Johnson Matthey and Ray Munden who, with the assistance of Shire Trees, worked incredibly hard to clear a large section of the plantation. Wild flower seeds were sown at the end of the day as we continue to increase biodiversity at our sites.

Bird boxes installed at the Royston Plantations

On Thursday 6th April 2023, ten new bird boxes were installed across the Stile and Green Walk Plantations. Local company Shire Trees donated their time and labour to put up the boxes at no cost as a contribution to the community of Royston.

Swift boxes installed at Royston Town Hall

After the Town Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency last summer, a member of the community contacted us to highlight the decline of the Swift population in the UK. On Friday 20th January 2023, we were very pleased to announce that four new swift boxes were installed around the Town Hall. The Council will continue taking steps to reduce its own impact on the local environment, embarking on a programme of education and communication, whilst working with local people and groups to achieve positive change across Royston.

Royston Town Council declare a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency


At the Full Council meeting on 20th June 2022, Royston Town Council declared a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency where it was agreed to always bear in mind the impact on climate and biodiversity when making any decisions about the town or council business.

Please follow the link to see the Climate and Biodiversity Declaration in full.