Climate and Biodiversity

Published: 24 June 2022

At the Full Council meeting on 20th June 2022 Royston Town Council declared a climate and biodiversity emergency and agreed:

a) Always bearing in mind the climate and biodiversity emergency when making any decisions about the town or council business.

b) To make all reasonable efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the council, with the working party to investigate the feasibility of the Council being net zero by 2030.

c) To estimate the Council’s current carbon footprint, perhaps using a calculator such as or or by engaging a consultant to give a baseline of what changes may need to be made.

d) To make all reasonable efforts to preserve and enhance biodiversity currently present on Town Council land.

e) Setting up a working group on Climate and Biodiversity Action to agree further strategy and actions towards these goals. Working group proposed terms of reference should include: At least 4 RTC members of the working group, 3 to be quorate. Can invite/co-opt interested parties/experts from the town and surrounds as needed. Will work in partnership with all other relevant bodies including North Herts Council and Hertfordshire County Council.

f) To communicate these goals with the wider town by means of regular updates on a dedicated “Climate and Biodiversity” page on the Town Council website as well as via other channels.

g) To take every reasonable opportunity to inform townspeople of the importance of the climate and biodiversity emergency and what they can do to help mitigate the situation.

h) To educate and lobby for a net zero town by 2040, in line with aims set out by North Herts Council in 2019, and to work with other councils and local businesses to achieve this.