Redrow Work on Baldock Road Trees

Published: 09 November 2020


Royston Town Council Planning Committee, as consultees to North Herts District Council, have reviewed and had no objection to Redrow’s Planning Application for landscaping and managing the trees on Baldock Road, alongside their housing development.

Councillors and many members of the public were very concerned when, in February, and without warning, Redrow started felling trees on Baldock Road at the Royston town end of the site contrary to the approved plans. North Herts District Council stopped Redrow’s actions and required Redrow to produce a plan for the management of the tree line.

You will have seen that many of the trees are not in good condition, some are dead, and many are festooned with ivy. This Application describes the plans for landscaping, removal of some trees and replanting under the management of Arboricultural Consultants.

Full details can be found by entering 20/02014/NMA in the ‘’search field” at the bottom of the page on the following link:

The “Ivy Farm Arboricultural Method Statement Version 3 August 2020” is also available on the Royston Town Council website.

Royston Town Council