Online Meetings

Published: 17 June 2020

Online meetings – Public Guidance

As a member of the public you are welcome to join a Town Council meeting using a range of devices such as a laptop computer, desktop computer, tablet or phone (Apple or Android devices).

There is greater detail available here, including meetings to test your equipment (recommended).

The meeting invite or meeting ID is displayed on the agenda. When joining a Zoom meeting you are likely to be asked to download and install a small app or program to make best use of the resources on your equipment. It may ask for permission to use your microphone and camera. This is needed to allow you to interact and speak at the relevant sections of the meeting.

When you have joined the meeting, you will be held in a “Waiting room” and the Clerk or Moderator will let you in once the meeting commences.

Please leave your microphone muted unless asked to do otherwise. You do not have to use your camera, unless you wish to, but it may help you to be understood.

Please note meetings WILL be recorded and anyone who behaves in an offensive manner is likely to be reported to relevant authorities and the content shared with those authorities. They will also be removed from the meeting. The recording will be held long enough to confirm the minutes and then destroyed. Remember that a parish council meeting is by law “a meeting held in public”, not a “public meeting”. The law gives members of the public the right to attend and observe but not to speak.

The Parish Council provides an opportunity before the start of the meeting for the public to speak regarding an agenda item. This is limited to 15 minutes in total and a maximum of three minutes per person. Those wishing to speak should contact the Town Clerk in advance of the meeting. The rest of the meeting you will remain muted.